LS3P was asked to re-flag and re-brand an existing hotel as a Marriott Renaissance to appeal to an “upmarket” segment of the traveling public. The challenge was to design a sophisticated atmosphere with savvy service and imbue the hotel with contemporary flair and a distinctive local flavor. Phased improvements were implemented to maintain the the hotel’s operational requirements and ensure guests’ safety and comfort. Refurbished spaces include 300 guests rooms, corridor and center atrium, restaurant and bar, ballrooms, meeting rooms, restrooms, a pre-function nook, fitness and indoor pool.

Initial tasks required analysis of existing inventory and code compliance and creating themed design concepts incorporating Marriott design standards. Taking a cue from the city’s namesake, Queen Charlotte, design themes reference her cultural interests in botany and music. Hidden gardens lie in the interior atria and intimate courtyards.

In lieu of a pub-like bar is a refreshing day/night bar. It transitions from a coffee house by day to a trendy, sophisticated cocktail spot by night using a clever system of sliding doors. Communal tables are surrounded by back-lit acrylic panels with circular designs that tie into the large circular windog in the atrium. The fitness center demonstrates eco-friendly design. Floors are made from recycled rubber tires and 3-form, ribbon artwork panels are made from plastic water bottles. The fitness center is the beta site for all hotel fitness center conversions brand wide. An existing meeting space was converted to a library zone at the fringe of the atrium.

PROJECT NAME: Renaissance SouthPark

LOCATION: Charlotte, NC