• Rendering of Project Big Truck

This industrial and office building provides state-of-the-art production and testing space for building heavy wheeled and tracked armored personnel vehicles for military applications. The industrial space includes multiple heavy lift cranes, a production line, shipping, receiving, warehousing, assembly and testing areas, a 3D printing/prototyping lab, electronics and systems integration labs, machine shop, and paint booth. Outside, a vehicle test area/track includes a dip tank that allows vehicles to drive in until they float, then test their propellers and amphibious systems.

The 50,000 SF office space meets the edge of the industrial area, accommodating a tech-oriented user group with an open office environment, break out spaces, meeting rooms, phone rooms, and other areas to facilitate teaming. This office space allows the research-based tenant to join the engineering, procurement, and management side of the operations with its manufacturing team in order to provide rapid customization and development for their government clients. The office overlooks the manufacturing line and includes a public-side conference center with secure office area.

The facility houses a SCIF as well as secret-level open storage environments and reading rooms. Services include a large pantry/kitchen/break area, indoor and outdoor dining areas, coffee bars and pantries throughout, a gym, shower facilities, and locker rooms for both gym and worker equipment.

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PROJECT NAME: Project Big Truck