This private K-12 school has a distinguished record for graduating highly motivated, college-bound students. The majority of the existing campus buildings were an undistinguished assembly of structures built during the 1950s, and the campus possessed neither a sense of arrival nor any hint of the long history of the institution. One of the principal design objectives was to create a new focus for the center of the campus, in concert with the reorganization of the entry sequence and circulation. The task thus became to create this “missing center” while alluding to traditional architectural expressions of older educational institutions.

The School of Science and Technology building serves as a gateway to the campus, emphasizing the school’s commitment to education in the sciences and technology with this state-of-the-art facility. The building houses classrooms for physical science, biology, chemistry, and physics, with a second floor dedicated to teaching labs for grades 7-12. The layout of the science rooms allows lab work and lectures to take place in the same space. Free-standing lab stations are arranged around the perimeter of the room, so students can work in teams and yet never be facing away from the teacher’s station. Integrated technology allows complicated or dangerous experiments to be conducted as computer simulations when necessary.

PROJECT NAME: Porter Gaud School of Science and Technology

LOCATION: Charleston, SC