This 1,600-student prototype achieved a Silver Rating Level according to the Triangle J High Performance Guidelines. Systems such as gas-fired condensing boilers, chilled water circulation, high-efficiency lighting, and variable volume terminal units provide significant energy savings, and staff members are trained to maintain equipment for maximum efficiency. The site design reduces environmental impact by minimizing the building footprint using stacked classroom wings, and orients buildings for maximum daylighting.  The team reduced landfill waste during the construction process by sorting materials for re-use and recycling, and reduced fuel consumption by specifying regional materials.

Completed in conjunction with the Town of Knightdale and Wake County Parks and Recreation, the site provides additional recreation space for the county. The football stadium, practice fields, and a baseball complex with associated concession areas, field buildings, and parking are all shared with the community, eliminating the environmental and economic impact of building two separate recreation areas.

PROJECT NAME: Knightdale High School

LOCATION: Knightdale, NC