Charlotte Douglas International Airport Parking Decks

In association with The Wilson Group, LS3P designed, produced and administered the construction contract for the new 6,000-car, East and West Daily parking decks in the Charlotte Douglas International Airport infield. To ensure that the siting of the decks would complement several long-range planning approaches, the LS3P team developed several models for the ultimate build-out of the mid-level terminal complex addressing aircraft circulation, ramp layouts, taxiway access, runway utilization, a second terminal building and curbside system, a hotel complex, off-site consolidated rental car facilities, future I- 485 connections and an automated people mover system (APM) interface to lightrail transit.

The airport officials wanted the parking decks to extend beyond the boundaries of conventional design. Perforated metal panels, backlighted in blue, match the airport´s accent color, provide visibility to meet airport safety requirements, and also revealing the truss structure. The perforated stainless steel skin allows natural ventilation eliminating the need for fans and ductwork, and provides two distinct themes dependent on the time of day. During the daylight hours, the stainless steel panels similar to the profile of an airplane wing, convey a high tech language reflecting the airport’s theme of technology. At night, the illumination and reflectance of the accent lighting portrays the deck facade in a more theatrical sense. The underside of each level is painted white, enhancing security while reducing the need for artificial lighting, reducing lighting energy costs. The decks feature an automated parking management system.

The team has designed five airport parking structures for a total of 19,200 spaces.


SIZE: 2,250,000 SF / 6,000 Spaces

RECOGNITIONS: AIA/NC (Honor Award); International Association of Lighting Designers (National Award of Merit Monumental Structures/Public Spaces)