Charleston International Airport

LS3P’s design for the new 282,000 SF, three-level passenger terminal included concourses, restaurants and snack bars, gift shops, lounges, car rental, ticket offices and public rest rooms. The project also included a 24,640 SF air cargo freight distribution center, subsequent post-Hurricane Hugo renovations and other interior upfits. The ticket wing, baggage claim wing and passenger pre-boarding lounges are all expandable. Ten aircraft positions were provided, with the capability of future expansion to twenty. A master plan, planting plans and construction documents for the terminal grounds were also provided.

Approaching the terminal, the prominence of columns, arched forms and open trellis work readily ties the building to its environment; this connection is further strengthened by the incorporation of light colored precast panels embedded with oyster shells indigenous to the area. Upon entering, one is immediately aware of the generous provisions for passenger comfort, with wide corridors and large areas for public circulation affording freedom of movement in all directions of the radial plan. The liberal use of glass window walls throughout provides travelers with constant visual reference to the exterior, assisting orientation in moving from one area to another within. Nearing the pre-boarding lounges and outward to the boarding gates, the use of metal and glass is increased; boarding the aircraft through the steel, aluminum and glass airbridge.

The design, in total, is reflective of a mandate for passenger comfort and operational efficiency while providing a prominent identity with the architectural heritage of a Southern city.


SIZE: 282,000 SF

FEATURES INCLUDE: 3-Level Passenger Terminal; Concourses; Restaurants; Restrooms; Gift Shops; Passenger Pre-boarding Lounges; Ticket Offices; Baggage Claim; Air Cargo Freight Distribution Center; 10 Aircraft Positions; Future Expansion Capabilities

IN ASSOCIATION WITH: McClaren Wilson & Lawrie, Inc.