“Our gourmet market and cafe is designed to indulge and gratify the five senses with all things gourmet” (Caviar & Bananas web site).

LS3P’s clients, self-described foodies, wanted to create an inviting space that was unlike anything else in town. The result was a gourmet market and cafe, located in the heart of downtown Charleston. “Caviar & Bananas features best-of-breed products sourced locally and from around the globe.”

LS3P created a unique space to match the unique services offered by the client. The exposed ceilings, white walls and sealed concrete floors were purposely designed within a minimal context to draw attention away from the interior architectural elements and onto the colorful and sumptuous gourmet food offerings. The lighting designed for the space incorporates both general illumination in the form of clean industrial style glass and metal pendants and display lighting in the form of focused track lighting. This modular lighting works successfully to enhance the food items and displays positioned within and around the perimeter of the cafe.

In keeping with the simplicity and industrial aesthetic of the interior, custom millwork for the coffee and charcuterie bars were designed cost effectively using metal and laminate materials. All fastening attachments were left exposed and steel legs were designed at the floor plane to lighten the visual mass of the units. Industrial wire racks were specified to display the abundant merchandise.

Carrara Marble countertops were selected for both the point-of-sale stations as well as the dining table tops and were complimented with industrial 1930’s style aluminum seating.

PROJECT NAME: Caviar & Bananas

LOCATION: Charleston, SC

AWARDS: ASID Carolina’s Chapter First Place Retail Category Award, IIDA Retail Award