This new elementary and middle school campus required extensive site planning, design, and coordination to preserve a large wetland on the property while creating necessary academic space, circulation, and amenities. LS3P provided services for every stage of the project, from land acquisition through construction.

The design team adapted 2 school prototypes for this site, modifying them for code compliance, efficient circulation, daylighting, and a unified exterior.  Both schools feature regular and exceptional children’s classrooms, cafeterias, multipurpose rooms, stages, media centers, administrative offices, and program space for music, art, and computer.  The middle school also contains a 340-seat auditorium and a 775-person gym with locker rooms and showers.  Both schools are designed with infrastructure to accommodate future expansion.

Shared site amenities include a multipurpose field, a football/soccer field, a softball field, a baseball field, play fields, K-5 play areas, science learning areas, and future mobile locations as needed.

PROJECT NAME: Castle Hayne Elementary and Holly Shelter Middle School Campus

LOCATION: Castle Hayne, NC