We understand that your brand represents your mission, your vision, and your people. We design spaces which reinforce your brand, celebrating your unique identity through visuals tailored to your company culture, your employees, and your clients.

Chamber of Commerce

This new state-of-the-art facility for the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce looks towards the twenty-first century with a strong emphasis on technology. Accents of “money” green throughout the facility serve as a clever way-finding device to move visitors through the space. A series of wall murals and display panels designed by LS3P connects old Charleston with the new and emphasizes the state’s motto of live, work, and play.  A statue of a Chinese warrior, a gift from the people of China to the Chamber, doubles as a dynamic focal point for the main lobby.


This office upfit for Chiquita Brands International Headquarters consolidates business units from multiple cities and reflects a ‘clean’ approach to workplace design.  The design team used the benchmark values of “Schedule, Simplistic, Standardized, Sustainable and Sense” as the basis for every design decision. Chiquita’s primary colors (blue and yellow) accent walls, floors and graphics. Secondary brand colors dot the carpet among the workstations. The ‘Chiquita Banana’ lyrics in wall typography are juxtaposed with the expansive urban views.

Le Creuset

Two major design concepts guided the decision making process; incorporating Le Creuset’s sleek, contemporary and brightly colored products, and stimulating all five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.  The owner’s brand was incorporated into the smallest details of the design. In the Demonstration Kitchen, ceiling-to-floor polished lacquered wall panels pay homage to their original enameled color of their product called “flame”. Designed to reinforce the Owner’s brand, the openings were filled with glass boxes displaying vintage cooking vessels; a reminder of the company’s past. In the restrooms, even goose pots were re-fashioned into functional sinks to reinforce the brand. The result was a visually stunning and stimulating space that exceeded the Owner’s expectations not only in creating a vehicle to showcase their products, but in providing a comfortable and efficient work space that has increased employee morale and retention.