Given the opportunity to reconstruct a blighted community, LS3P has teamed up with Urban Smart Growth and 5 Points Development to revitalize and restore downtown Belville to its full potential. The vision for this once neglected town consists of a multi-faceted, vibrant and dynamic mixed-use community with the feel of a riverfront village having many historical components. This 90 acre development will emerge as a true urban riverfront town with a signature Main St., including retail, restaurants and residential uses.

The master plan for Belville includes a new Town Hall and Town Square. Situated along the scenic Brunswick River, the Riverfront Promenade will offer visitors and residents access to the water and a public space with an amphitheatre, water feature and space for various community events.

The buildings will recall a classic southern riverfront village. Attributes of this architecture include sloped metal roofs, wood boardwalks, board and batten siding, as well as selected brick warehouse details. The buildings will be one, two, and two and a half story, helping to encourage a pedestrian scale. They will be spaced to allow views to the water.

Sidewalks and multi-use paths will be constructed throughtout the area and “Spanish Steps” overlooking the river. A riverwalk, dock houses and marinas will cultivate the waterfront, all fostering an interactive and lively town center.


LOCATION: Belville, NC