As designers and planners, our job is to bring creative problem solving skills to the task of uniting the elements of a complex building program into a singular design synthesis. We will work collaboratively toward a project which embodies the mission of your church. Our team will listen to all constituents, help to refine the points of view, and align competing priorities into a unified vision that is also balanced by the needs and realities of the church, such as funding, scheduling, and other building constraints.

Nathan Daniel, Faith Practice Leader
Spencer Dixon
Nathan Asire
Burgess Metcalf
Sarah Mandell
Amie Blankenship
Laura Rice
Emily Schulte
Marissa Diloreto
Landon McMurray
Clay Horney
Ryan Sutherland
Megan Bowles
David Burt
Lorie Zimmerman
David Bellamy
Mari-Ann Williams

Firm-Wide Resources: Our wider LS3P network allows us access to resources, technology, multi-disciplinary expertise, and staff support to generate innovative and effective designs. We are committed to engaging with the communities in which we work and live, and are passionate about collaboration with colleagues and clients.

Collaborators: From in-house support to trusted contractors to national partners with specialized expertise, we build relationships for teamwork and success.  Our extensive network of local, regional, and national collaborators gives us the ability to assemble the best team for each project, and deliver the best possible design for your needs.