‘Polar opposites’ expand local design business

Business partners Amy Emery and Kim Jackson didn’t really need a Myers Briggs personality test to tell them what they already knew.

The test, compliments of a grateful client, just confirmed that they are indeed polar opposites, said the two owners of ID Studio Interiors in downtown Greenville.

Emery “was very strong in her feeling and I was very strong in thinking and logic,” said Jackson.

Emery and Jackson have also been selected for various projects by LS3P — Neal Prince Studio in Greenville.

John Edwards, an architect at Neal Prince Studio, said a fun aspect of the ID Studio Interiors team is that they are able to cover a whole lot of different personality types they might be working with because Emery “brings a high level of energy” and Jackson “brings a much more restrained manner.”

“The reality is they are very similar as designers but their personalities, being so different, probably expands the number of folks that they can comfortably work with,” he said.

Interior design is service-based business that has a lot to do with relationships, Emery said.

“It’s not just selling them something and then they leave and we never see them again,” she said. “Projects go on at least for months and some are repeat clients.”

Being so different from each other has its pluses when it comes to building those relationships, Emery and Jackson said. When they meet clients initially, they’ll either gravitate to Emery or Jackson “because we are so different personality-wise,” Emery said.

Excerpt from GreenvilleOnline.com

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