LS3P ASSOCIATES LTD. will celebrate its 50th year in practice in May 2013; this milestone is marked by an exciting time for the firm’s future, while building on its rich heritage and culture.  With assistance from long-time consultants, Jim Cramer and Doug Parker with Greenway Group, an inspirational and innovative future has been set in place to serve, not only the employees of LS3P, but the surrounding communities.  To continue to elevate the level of service and quality of design for our clients, the management structure of the firm was renewed to focus on two main aspects of architecture − practice and business.


With this new organizational structure the Board of Directors will be comprised of Thom Penney (Chairman/President/CEO), Katherine Peele, George Temple, Paul Boney, Susan Baker and Chris BoneyMike Tribble and Frank Lucas will remain trusted advisors to the board as Chairmen Emeritus.  Katherine Peele will lead the firm’s marketing, business development and professional services as Executive Vice President of Practice, working closely with George Temple who will oversee operations and finance as the firm’s Executive Vice President of Business.


Leadership at the office level will support the efforts of the board and executive leadership team by forming a community between the practice and business sides of the firm.  Marc Marchant (Charleston, SC), Mary Beth Branham (Columbia, SC), Scott May (Greenville, SC), Jeff Floyd (Charlotte, NC), Steven Hepler (Raleigh, NC) and Chris Boney (Wilmington, NC) will serve as Office Leaders, responsible for marketing, business development and professional services.  With Marc’s transition to Office Leader, Becky Smith will assume the position of Healthcare Studio Leader in the Charleston office.  Working in conjunction with the Office Leaders, the Operations & Finance Managers, Greg Soyka (Charleston, SC), Allen Taylor (Columbia, SC), Cindy Benjamin (Greenville, SC), David Loy (Charlotte, NC), Chris Roberts (Raleigh, NC) and Laura Miller (Wilmington, NC), will focus on operations and finance.


The mission is simple:  to Engage, Design and Transform.  The new leadership team of LS3P is positioned to do just that – to engage clients and communities, to design meaningful places, with proven results that transform.