LS3P Recognizes Excellence

LS3P ASSOCIATES LTD. is honored to recognize employees that have shown exemplary performance and dedication.  Frank Lucas, founder and Chairman Emeritus of LS3P, says, “LS3P has a proud and diverse history due to the efforts of a great many fine people, all of whom have contributed time, talents, hard work, and dedication to the success we have enjoyed.”  Recently, LS3P was pleased to announce recognitions for Associates, Senior Associates, Associate Principals, and Principals.


Becky Smith had the honor of being named Principal.  LS3P’s Principal Program honors those with an enduring record of substantial contributions to the firm.  Principals serve as a valued resource in the firm, an advisor to the clients within their area of expertise and a recognized leader among their peers.  LS3P recognized David Anderson, David Ramey, Scott Sampson, and Spencer Dixon as Associate Principals.  With these new titles, they will become shareholders in the firm.


Elected by the Board of Directors, Chris Lucas, Chris Maltba, Danny Adams, David Snider, Dean Webb, Dianne McNeff, Goran Pogarcic, Hal Shute, Jayraj Raval, Kelly Walker, Laura McLeod, and Paul Fretz have been named Senior Associates; meanwhile, Alexis Brewer, Ben Anderson, Clint Riddle, Daniela Ayers, David Carr, Dylan Towe, Elizabeth Caliendo, Emma Butler, John Works, Kim Gordon, Lauren McCord, Matt Tindall, Megan Bowles, Melissa Smith, Sarah Gregory, Scott Ferguson, and Stephen Ramos were named Associates.  LS3P’s Associate and Senior Associate programs were established to recognize employees who exemplify leadership, a positive attitude, loyalty, professionalism, and service to the company.