“Deft Design”: Architect Jeff Floyd Elevates “Placemaking” to Art Form in Corporate Park

[Excerpt from Ballantyne Magazine] AS A BOY, JEFF FLOYD inched his skinny frame beneath the crawl space of his father’s building sites to hammer in the cross bracing. A dirty job, for sure. But this unglamorous introduction to the literal underpinnings of construction ultimately proved the foundation of Floyd’s strongest suit as an architect — an absolute knowledge of how to create a building from the ground up.

“My father instilled my love of building,”recalls Floyd, managing principal of LS3P ASSOCIATES LTD., an architectural firm with offices throughout the Carolinas. Floyd and LS3P are the design masterminds retained by the Bissell Companies for the past 15 years to transform the wooded acreage of Ballantyne Corporate Park into a living, breathing, working green space for the 13,000-plus office building tenants who now call it home. [read more]