We are passionate about education. We foster a client-driven process, and encourage collaboration among all members of your learning community. We believe that an exchange of ideas should be energizing for all. With the well-being of your students at the forefront of our process, we enlist a broad base of stakeholders as we develop an understanding of your needs, vision, opportunities, and constraints.


In generating the best design for your school, we draw on our 90-year history of K-12 school design as well as our up-to-date knowledge of new models for learning. We design at all scales, from small renovations to large-scale campuses, and in contexts from rural to urban. We bring fresh approaches to the process, utilizing our extensive firm-wide resources and multidisciplinary expertise.


The impact of a school on its students, teachers, and community is tremendous. When we design schools with optimal learning and the well-being of students at the forefront, we demonstrate that our society cares about education. Our opportunity to shape the future is significant, and we endeavor to provide a design which facilitates learning and inspires your students.