We design for flexibility.
 New paradigms of learning and teaching require flexible spaces: spaces for collaboration, spaces for interactive discussions, spaces for individual reflection, spaces for lectures, spaces for projects. Designing for flexible learning environments means that our schools can accommodate a wide variety of possibilities for daily instructional activities and adapt to future opportunities.

We design for safety.  The well-being and security of students and staff are at the forefront of the design process, with visibility, carefully considered separation of spaces, and resilience as primary concerns.

We design for health and sustainability.  Research shows that such factors as indoor air quality and daylighting measurably impact student attendance and achievement.  When we provide healthier environments, satisfaction and enjoyment increase as well.  Everyone enjoys the process of education more.

We design for efficiency.  School systems require the most efficient buildings possible in terms of maximizing space, operational costs, maintenance, and durability, and we have proven that high-performance designs can have a substantial impact in lowering the life-cycle cost of a building.

We design with your needs in mind. We understand prototype design, and can implement its best aspects with a plug-and-play design in which we customize a kit of parts to work with your needs and your site. We can also work with your district to design a prototype which is tailored to your district needs, with adaptability for a number of different sites.

We design with passion.  Better schools show our communities that we care about education. The power of thoughtful design to make a difference in the lives of the school-age population, their teachers, and their families is tremendous.

We design with up-to-the-minute knowledge and research on best practices in learning environments.  Our work is also solidly rooted in our extensive knowledge of how schools function, based on our design experience with over 2,000 schools.  We bring this expertise and perspective to the challenge of creating learning environments in which students thrive.

We design for innovation.  We are well-versed in up-to-the-minute research on contemporary educational models and best practices, and we are able to provide insight into facility designs which support your curriculum. Leading-edge programs such as competitive robotics, tech challenge teams and prototyping require special facilities. Spaces such as Innovation Labs (ILabs) provide the infrastructure to teach the process of active, creative problem-solving.