Executive Vice President: Business

With a unique background in architecture and technology, George Temple joined the firm in 1999 and leads the firm’s operations and finance areas as the firm’s Executive Vice President of Business. He leads a multi-disciplined team of IT professionals and Building Information Modeling (BIM) administrators, contributing invaluable expertise to our project teams for integrated design of technology infrastructure.

An honors graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, George served as a regular officer and architect in the Air Force for seven years after graduation. Completing programs at the Air Force Institute of Technology, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and the Defense Intelligence College, George’s design-build process was recognized as a best practices program by the Air Force Inspector General.  In his current role, George oversees LS3P’s technology infrastructure, and is the firm’s primary promoter of BIM and its ability to support high-quality, sustainable design with greater accuracy and higher efficiency. He is inspired by technology research, discovery, design, and application of creative solutions which improve efficiency and service delivery.