Vice President / Architect

David enjoys working in Charleston, a city in which architecture is part of the everyday language. A 1995 graduate of Mississippi State University’s College of Architecture, David joined LS3P in 1998 after a chance encounter with Thom Penny, the firm’s president, who found David sketching in Charleston’s historic district on a visit and immediately recognized his talent. Since that time, David has managed complex and mixed-use projects including residential, service, and hospitality components for both public and private sector clients.

David’s experience, excitement, and leadership, both in the firm and the wider professional community, earned him the AIA’s Young Architect Award in 2010, and the Art and Design Alumni of the Year award from Mississippi State College of Architecture in 2011. He has also served as the President of AIA Charleston, board member of the Historic Rotary Club of Charleston, the AIA YAF South Atlantic Region Director, and an Advisory Board member for the MSU SARC.

When not designing buildings, David enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 children and coaching soccer.